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  1. Witches Mill Airline Postcard

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    September 30, 2014 by weekiwitch

    Gerald was a pretty snazzy illustrator. This postcard advertises British European Airways. It’s kind of a weird connection, I wonder how it came about.

    "Up to date witches fly B. E.  A." “Up to date witches fly B. E. A.”

  2. Witches Mill Poster


    June 25, 2013 by weekiwitch

    One of my amazing commenters, Cloven Hoofed, has sent me a remarkable copy of an advertising poster for the Witches Mill.

    witches mill poster 1

    Wouldn’t it be something to go back in time & dance with Gardner at the Witches Mill?

    witches mill poster 2

    He has this to say:

    “I have a friend who lives on the Isle of Man, he’s a bookseller and knows a lot of local people – he also knows that I’m interested in acquiring Witches Mill / Gardner-related items. A contact of his on the island has a large collection historical documents of all kinds relating to the history of the place and she gave him a photo-copy of the poster to give to me…….

    I guess most of us know the standard GBG drawing of the witch flying over the tower – but I haven’t seen this drawing before.

    It’s undated, the writing is clearly in a ‘calligraphic’ style (could it be by GBG?).”

    There are several questions that arise:

    Did Gerald have a hand in it’s making?
    If not, then who commissioned it? Gerald, Monique Wilson?
    Was the dancing at the Mill during Gerald’s lifetime?
    Could the phone number a reliable indicator of the date?

    We have our own theories. What do you think?


    Side note: Speaking of Witches Mill, I managed to get my hands on an original Witches Mill booklet. It’s so tiny, less than 5 inches tall! This is a later edition, published by the Wilsons. You can see scans of an excellent earlier version at the invaluable geraldgardner.com


  3. Wicca’s Holy Relics


    March 27, 2013 by weekiwitch


    If you look at the very bottom of this ad from FATE Magazine (Nov 1981), you can see that the remains of Gardner’s Witches Mill collection somehow ended up in Florida.

    Want to know something? They’re still in Florida. Crazy right?? Is this common knowledge? I have no idea.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m fairly materialistic. That’s probably bad…but I like my stuff. I love my witchy stuff, and I extra love stuff with historical context. The idea that I could own something that used to be on display at the Witches Mill fills me with childish glee.

    I spend a lot of time in Florida, and have been able to sort of retrace the steps of this collection’s migration patterns. Allen Greenfield tells a remarkable story about his search in Florida for the Gardner’s Ripley’s left overs, finding the OTO Charter and other priceless treasures at the “Old Jail” tourist trap museum in St. Augustine…which might be the most ludicrous tale I’ve ever heard.

    Museum of Witchcraft and Magic postcard

    When Ripley’s shut down their museums in Gatlinburg and San Fransisco, the collection went to a broker in Florida and… just sat around mostly. They made a catalog of the items in the early 1980’s, but then not much happened as far as I can tell. In the mid 1990’s, the Floridian dealers “Unique and Precious” put the items up for sale online individually. They’ve been on the exact same website ever since, slowly selling one piece at a time.

    (Side note: I can’t believe that Gardner’s stuff was in dedicated Witchcraft museum in Gatlinburg of all places. I go there several times a year and just wistfully sulk.)


    I’ve put together a crude pdf of the catalog, there are several copies of the real one on ebay (for $25) if that’s your thing.

    Museum of Witchcraft Catalog


    After discovering this, there was no way I couldn’t buy something. I ended up getting a little charm that seemed to call to me. It’s not much, but I like it. What’s great is it came with a whole packet of stuff, an authentication letter from Ripley’s, excerpts on Gardner from Valiente and the Witches Mill booklet. It also included some newspaper articles and the folder it came in looked like it hadn’t been opened since the early 1980’s. All pretty awesome, IMO.




  4. A Goddess Arrives


    February 5, 2013 by weekiwitch

    Awhile back I found a copy of the 1939 First Edition of “A Goddess Arrives” for sale online and asked the seller for some pictures. Unfortunately the book was going for about $700 so..haha…yeah that didn’t happen. I can’t find pictures of it anywhere else so I thought I’d share. (Sorry for the abysmal quality, not much I can do about that)

    A Goddess Arrives Dust Jacket

    A Goddess Arrives Cover

  5. High Magic’s Aid

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    February 5, 2013 by weekiwitch

    This is such a nicely designed book. The interior illustrations a thing of beauty. My copy did not come with a DJ, so I had to recreate it. I re-typeset the inside flap from scratch and added the green areas to a high-res scan of the original black and white sketch (courtesy of Rebirth of Witchcraft). Turned out pretty good!
    High Magic's Aid Cover with DJ
    High Magic's Aid Cover
    High Magic's Aid Illustrations
    High Magic's Aid Title Page
    High Magic's Aid Dust Jacket


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