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  1. Witches Being Adorable


    January 30, 2013 by weekiwitch

    Witches Being Adorbs

    I love this picture (featuring the ever amazing Doreen Valiente and Patricia Crowther). One runs across it from time to time, but this incarnation I scanned 1965’s “Witchcraft, the Sixth Sense, and Us,” by Justine Glass.

    The description reads:

    “Robed witches making a ceremonial toast beneath a symbol of the Horned God, a ram’s head crowned with oak-leaves, with a pentagram on the forehead. From each witch’s girdle hangs the sheathed ritual knife. The silver bracelets (silver is the metal of the moon) are worn at rituals as a badge of the initiated woman witch. Fourteen “witch-stones” (naturally-holed fossils, from chalk deposits, traditionally gathered on the day of the full moon) compose the necklace of the witch on the left. Fourteen is the number chosen because there are fourteen days between waxing and full moon.”

    From the same photo shoot (Found in Patricia Crowther’s “From Stagecraft to Witchcraft”):

    Seriously, adorable. Seriously, adorable. (Side note: I really want to know what books are on the shelves back there.)



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