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As only the best autobiographies begin: I am a Witch. More mundanely, my name is Celeste and I’m from North Carolina (USA). This blog was created as depository for the random occult related things I run across…because the in-person audience for me getting excited about goaticorns is rather small.

I love Pagan history, love it. I’m no historian myself, but I hope you’ll get some use out of the little things I dig up. I really like finding the bits and pieces that have make up the history of how things happened and why they exist.

Warning: I’m not an amazing writer, verbosity has never been one of my talents…but hopefully the finds I post will speak for themselves and my inadequate attempts at commentary will be forgiven. As always, I relish feedback and further information if you have it!

You can contact me at weekiwitch@gmail.com


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This blog is mostly a depository for things I find interesting, funny or unusual in the rich & strange world of Witchcraft. Also, books.


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