Witches Mill Poster


June 25, 2013 by weekiwitch

One of my amazing commenters, Cloven Hoofed, has sent me a remarkable copy of an advertising poster for the Witches Mill.

witches mill poster 1

Wouldn’t it be something to go back in time & dance with Gardner at the Witches Mill?

witches mill poster 2

He has this to say:

“I have a friend who lives on the Isle of Man, he’s a bookseller and knows a lot of local people – he also knows that I’m interested in acquiring Witches Mill / Gardner-related items. A contact of his on the island has a large collection historical documents of all kinds relating to the history of the place and she gave him a photo-copy of the poster to give to me…….

I guess most of us know the standard GBG drawing of the witch flying over the tower – but I haven’t seen this drawing before.

It’s undated, the writing is clearly in a ‘calligraphic’ style (could it be by GBG?).”

There are several questions that arise:

Did Gerald have a hand in it’s making?
If not, then who commissioned it? Gerald, Monique Wilson?
Was the dancing at the Mill during Gerald’s lifetime?
Could the phone number a reliable indicator of the date?

We have our own theories. What do you think?


Side note: Speaking of Witches Mill, I managed to get my hands on an original Witches Mill booklet. It’s so tiny, less than 5 inches tall! This is a later edition, published by the Wilsons. You can see scans of an excellent earlier version at the invaluable geraldgardner.com



One thought on “Witches Mill Poster

  1. I would love to have a full size wall poster of that, it looks fabulous!

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