Oberon Zell and the Goaticorn

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March 25, 2013 by weekiwitch


So I’ve had this picture on my wall for years…YEARS. Long before I became a Pagan, long before I realized Wicca was even a thing. He’s my goaticorn, he’s gellin’, he’s awesome. I often jest that goaticorns are my spirit animal.

Recently, I was flipping through Drawing Down the Moon (I think), and I came across this picture I never really noticed:

Oberon_Zell_and_Unicorn_WEB WHAT!! That’s my goaticorn…and WTF it’s Oberon Zell.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like the greatest coincidence ever, but my awesome gellin’ spirit animal Goaticorn is Pagan…PAGAN. Additionally, he was famous enough through the Ren-Fest circuits that they sold swag of him. I found this on ebay and nearly fell off my chair.


So the Goaticorn is named Lancelot, and an article the 9/1/1980 Lakeland Ledger tells a little bit about him:

“An animal with a horn in the center of his forehead, is by definition a unicorn,” said Otter (Oberon), 38, an “esoteric zoologist,” from Marin County. “But it is more than decorative. The horn grows from a spot in the forehead called the Third Eye. Mystics say that this is the seat of all psychic faculties. Lancelot has met many psychic people and they all remark that he seems to be uncommonly gifted. He seems to know what you want before you ask it.”

Morning Zell would claim in several newspaper articles that they “quite literally stumbled across an ancient secret” for creating unicorns. This process caused some controversy in the mid 80’s, after Lancelot had been sold to the Ringling Brother’s Circus. Animal rights activists complained and the USDA sent inspectors to make sure the surgical unicorn making process wasn’t harming the goats.

Another brief bit of infamy regarding Lancelot occurred when the papers ran pictures of him with convicted killer and general worst person ever, Leonard Lake.


My favorite article I found while searching was called “The Great Unicorn Debate” in the 8/24/1982 Lakeland Ledger. I like to think such a thing happened, that debates over unicorns swept the nation in a frenzy of scholarly jousting. It included such amusing quotes as “Unicorn owner says scientists blind to the creature’s magic.”


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